The stylish Vista Lounge offers a venue for social and neighbourly gatherings along with a catering service of delicious bites and refreshing beverages that is available to you once a week and includes a billiards table and delightful books for a light-hearted rendezvous.


Casper & Gambini’s, an international restaurant-café, specialises in sumptuous gourmet meals, award-winning coffee, refreshing beverages and signature desserts, all crafted with an emphasis on freshness and quality. Whether guests decide to drop by for breakfast, a cup of coffee or organic tea, lunch or dinner, or to sample signature desserts with friends and family, Casper & Gambini’s has something special for every palate. It is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a delightful meal without leaving the building.

Buffet breakfast is now available at C&G, from 07:00am to 10:30am


A world-renowned coffeehouse experience, Starbucks is located in the Emaar Building, next door to Views Hotel & Residence. Known for their specially curated in-café music selection, Starbucks offers guests a wide selection of expertly brewed coffees, premium teas, pastries, snacks and more.
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